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Your employees are the heart of your company. Without the right team behind you, you could face all kinds of trouble with your business. Luckily, ADV Staffing in Fall River & Somerset, MA is here to help you. We're a locally owned and operated staffing agency that works with a wide range of industries. With over three decades of experience, our hardworking team knows how to connect employers and employees and set up working relationships that benefit both parties.

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In the wake of unemployment due to COVID-19, our owners saw a serious need in the community for help with staffing. Arlindo has over 30 years of experience in marketing and sales, and Dennis has over 30 years of experience working for the IRS. With this varied experience, they know how to navigate the employment market and what companies look for in a potential candidate. They put this experience to use to connect employers with valuable employees.

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Who do we help?

Whether you're trying to fill open positions on your team, or you're seeking employment, you can turn to our agency.

We help connect employees and employers with:

Trade skills jobs
Manufacturing jobs
Light industrial work
Office administration work
Building management jobs

We also assist with staffing for warehousing businesses and government positions. If you need help from a staffing agency, reach out to us now.